Hablame is an application that will read for you any text you type or paste in the text area.

It can be useful to have some fun for a while or to protect your throat in cases of aphonia or irritation. It is also an aid for people who have difficulty speaking.

Another of its possibilities is to dictate the text with the microphone of your smartphone, then listen to it played back with TTS technology.

Clicking the "Save" button (floppy disk icon) stores the text currently displayed in the text field in memory. You can retrieve it at any time, with a simple click on the "Load" button, even if you have closed the application or restarted the phone.

Hablame also be used as a reminder, for example by dictating where you parked your car and saving the text in memory. You can then listen to the text and not get dizzy looking for the vehicle.

It supports texts in multiple languages and allows you to adjust the tone and reading speed.

IMPORTANT: Hablame is not a translator, it has different languages so that the pronunciation is correct if you write or dictate in any of these available languages.

Install from: Google Play - Huawei AppGallery

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